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How to Dispose of Mattress? 

If you’re looking for how to dispose of a mattress, there are several convenient options available for disposal, such as recycling, renting a dumpster, and donation. Donating is an ideal choice if your mattress is still in good condition. However, if it’s old and worn out, you’ll need to dispose of it properly.

The United States alone throws away roughly 18.2 million mattresses annually, with over 50,000 mattresses ending up in landfills each day. As such, it’s crucial to explore the best mattress and box spring disposal options to reduce waste.

Typically, it’s advisable to replace your mattress every ten years, but this may vary based on factors such as personal usage and mattress type. Ultimately, the decision to replace your mattress hinges on how frequently you use it and how well you maintain it.

If you’re unsure how to dispose of your mattress properly, merely leaving it on the curb won’t suffice, and taking it to the city dump can be a daunting task. Improper disposal of your mattress can attract hefty fines, so it’s vital to research and find the right disposal method.

Check your Mattress Warranty.

A warranty is a specific timeframe during which the manufacturer of a mattress agrees to fix or replace a damaged mattress. The warranty period varies between five and ten years, although it may differ depending on the warranty terms.

To determine if your warranty covers mattress removal and replacement, it’s essential to examine the warranty’s provisions. If the warranty doesn’t cover removal, you’ll be responsible for disposing of the mattress yourself.

Before discarding your mattress, it’s essential to research the mattress removal laws in your state. Some states like Connecticut, California, and Rhode Island have strong laws and recycling programs that make mattress recycling an easy choice, with the programs even picking up the mattress. However, not every state has the same regulations. It’s critical to conduct independent research to identify any applicable policies in your state.

Once you’ve finished researching, you may dispose of your mattress. We’ve provided a comprehensive list of mattress disposal options to assist you.

Disposal Options for Mattress

1.) Rent a Dumpster for mattress disposal.

If you’re decluttering your home and need to dispose of an old mattress, renting a dumpster is a convenient and efficient way to get rid of all your unwanted items at once. With a rented dumpster on your property, you can effortlessly dispose of your mattress, box spring, and other debris by simply loading them into the container, and have it all picked up when you’re finished with your cleanup.

At Crown Dumpster, we offer affordable and reliable junk removal services, and our dumpster rental options are a cost-effective way to tackle all your waste disposal needs. You can keep the rented dumpster on your premises for a weekend or longer, giving you ample time to complete your cleanup at your own pace.

2.) Recycle the Mattress

If you want to dispose of your mattress in an environmentally friendly way, recycling it is the best and most responsible option. Discarding your mattress in the trash will end up in a landfill and contribute to the planet’s waste. The Mattress Recycling Council reports that more than 80% of mattresses are recyclable, so recycling your own mattress is worth a try.

To determine if your mattress can be recycled, use your zip code to conduct a quick Google search to see if your city offers mattress recycling services. You can do this by searching for “mattress recycling programs” followed by your zip code (e.g., “mattress recycling programs zip code 66083”).

In many states there are programs that will be able to pick up your mattress with fees no more then $30 dollars. Kansas City and Missouri have great options for a low-cost pickups. If you cannot find any places near you. Here are some in Johnson County, Leavenworth County and Mami County.

  • For Overland Park, KS: Mattress Disposal is a good option.
  • In Kansas City, MO: is Sleepyhead Beds. They started in 2010 and have helped distribute 25,000 mattress to people in our community free of charge.
  • Using your local city resources: These are a great option. Cities municipal offices are involved in trash and recycling. If you would like to know more reach out to them on how to dispose of a mattress.

If the mattress is dirty, stained or bug infested, then we recommend not donating it as it unfit. If Mattress is torn or ripped it is usually okay to still donate it.

Hire a Junk Removal Company for Mattress Disposal 

The removal of mattresses can also be done through trash removal services. This comprises a business sending a truck to your location to pick up your mattress and other unwanted stuff. The service provider won’t give you an estimate, though, until they know how much room your items will take up in the truck. You will also need to be present for a two-hour period according to their schedule.


  • You don’t need to lift the heavy items
  • Must comply with the junk service schedule for your old mattress removal
  • Carefree mattress removal


  • Price could change depending on the junk removal service you use.
  • Good for just a few couches or mattresses.
  • Must be present for the scheduled time of delivery.

If you do have a just a couple mattresses to dispose of. We recommend the Kansas City team called The Junkluggers

If you need more information about bulk trash removal, check out our other blog: Get rid of bulk trash

Donate your Mattress

Many of our customers find a great alternative would be to donate your mattress. This is a great alternative to give back to the community.

Contact Local Shelters or non-profits:

A great option for a non-profit to recycle or dispose of your mattress is Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities is a not-for-profit entity that manages multiple benevolent organizations across the United States. Their initiatives are aimed at specifically helping children. Typically these are refugees, people experiencing homelessness, those with disabilities, and individuals with low incomes. These programs are accessible to individuals of any religious persuasion, not just Catholics. Catholic Charities runs various residential housing and shelter programs. To determine if there are any charitable programs in your vicinity that require mattresses, examine their website. They may also offer the collection of donations.

If you’re unsure of where to start, is an excellent resource for identifying the ideal place to donate your mattress to charity. This website provides a free and searchable database of charities in your locality that accept mattress donations, including information on whether they offer pick-up services. Take advantage of Donation Town’s database to locate a charity that meets your requirements if you want to donate your mattress.

Another great option is United Way. Donating to a local shelter is a great option to dispose of your mattress as well as help your Kansas City community. Usually, these shelters help youth, women and children. This is a great way to dispose of your foam mattress or bedspring as well as give back to the community.

Thrift Shops or Second hand stores:

These could be great for foam mattress or to just recycle your old mattress. A great 2nd hand store that accepts mattress is Goodwill. Make sure the mattress’s condition is okay and meets the criteria for donation.

Importantly, to avoid potential restrictions due to regulations and storage constraints, it may be beneficial to seek out local organizations rather than larger ones. Many smaller entities, such as collectives and non-profits, offer ways to donate your mattress while also benefiting your local community.

Dispose of the Mattress by Giving it Away.

If giving the mattress away to a charitable organization is not an option you can give it to someone in need.

There are a few ways to do this. Many recommend reaching out to your social network of friends. Interestingly,  you may find that a few of your friends or acquaintances may have a use for a mattress. Reach out to them by posting on social media platforms.

Using regional social media sites like Facebook Marketplace or NextDoor are great options.. Make sure to say explicitly that the mattress is totally free. Always include correct details about its size and condition, as well as images if you can. Being open and truthful about its condition is crucial to avoiding wasting time—both on your part and the prospective recipient’s.

How much is it for Mattress Disposal?

Mattress disposal costs vary on geographic location as well as size and type of mattress. Usually the cost is between $15 to $600. This can vary if you have a foam mattress, a water mattress or a normal mattress.

The average cost for someone to haul your junk and old mattress away for you is $307. This can included about 10 cubic yards. If you think you might have more trash, you probably do! Check out our different dumpster sizes here

If, you are getting rid of multiple mattresses as well as other bulk trash, most likely your least costly option would be to rent a dumpster. The dumpster delivery process tends to be easy and convenient. With the average cost of a 30 yard dumpster being right around $500 in Kansas City, it could be the best option.

If you are not sure what size of dumpster you need, we have extensive article about 20 yard dumpsters. What makes dumpsters convenient for the consumer is you can keep the dumpster for as long as needed. If you’re wondering how long you can keep a dumpster click here

Frequently Asked Questions About Mattress Disposal

Can I dispose of a Mattress where I live?

For more information on permitted items and mattress disposal rules in your area, get in touch with our team if you’re renting a dumpster for a specific project or house cleanup. Due to local landfill or transfer station costs, there may be an extra cost for each mattress or box spring you dispose of. Here is an article that touches on what you cannot put in a dumpster. Prohibited Items for Dumpsters

Can I throw a Mattress in the Dumpster?

There could be costs involved with getting rid of a mattress in some areas. When the local landfill or transfer station must breakdown or recycle the mattress, mattress disposal fees apply. Whether you use a dumpster rental, roadside pickup, or a landfill drop-off, these charges are directly from the local facility and will be charged.

Can I break down my Mattress and throw into Dumpster?

Breaking down your mattress may make it fit better in your dumpster, but you might be charged for any associated disposal fees. If you have a question about it, be sure to call our knowledgably staff at: 913-686-6499

Can I throw in other trash with my Mattress or Boxspring?

The short answer is yes. However, you must not put any of the prohibited materials. You must also insure that all the materials fit inside the dumpster and make sure it is not overweight.


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