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Carpet Disposal Guide 2023

The complete guide for Carpet Disposal

Eventually, carpet disposal is inevitable. This happens when the carpet becomes discolored, marked, broken, or worn out. Usually, a room or an entire home can look and feel much better by installing new carpeting. It revives living spaces and presents a fresh design approach.

Carpet has many different benefits. Specifically, it enhances the feeling of quality and uniqueness in interior design, evoking positive emotions and warmth for those occupying the space.

Before installing new carpeting, however, it is imperative to remove the old carpet. If you choose to hire a professional carpet installer, they will likely include carpet removal in their services. Nonetheless, it is possible to conduct this aspect of the new carpet installation on your own.

carpet disposal process

Should you attempt carpet disposal on your own?

Should you recycle or remove your own carpet yourself? Does the cost of recycling carpet make sense for you? Usually, the price of recycling or disposing of carpet yourself is around $1.60 a square foot of carpet. This price is for professional recycling services companies.

However, you can save costs by removing the carpet and doing the work yourself. This may be helpful if you have reused large amounts of nearly all types of carpet.

If the reused carpet has been glued down, it may take more effort to remove the used carpet.

How to remove Old Carpet

The first step in preparing carpet, in any project is proper preparation. Having the right tools is essential for removal Carpet disposal. Here is right place you can find a list of the right tools needed for carpet disposal.

Clear your room and area rugs:

Remove all furniture from the room and uninstall the doors, including the closet doors, by detaching them from their hinges. Create a clear path to the recycling or dumpster outside of your home.

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to eliminate any accumulated dust. Protect any furniture in adjacent rooms that cannot be relocated since removing the carpet may release a significant amount of dust. On a sunny day, open the doors and windows to improve ventilation.

Preparing the carpet by loosening it:

Using pliers, gently lift one edge of the carpet adjacent to a wall. Detach it from the tack strip by pulling it. After the carpet has been released from the tack, use your hands to remove additional portions of the carpet. You might find it easier to make a cut near the carpet’s edge to obtain a better grip on it.

If you intend to refinish the hardwood floors beneath your carpet instead of installing new carpeting, exercise caution during this process to avoid harming the wood flooring.

Recycle the carpet in a dumpster:

Preparing carpet for the landfill is important to properly recycle it. Thankfully the Carpet America recovery effort specializes in this. Their mission is: “Advance market-based solutions that increase landfill diversion and recycling of post-consumer carpet, encourage design for recyclability at landfill locations, and meet meaningful goals for landfill, as approved by the CARE Board of Directors.”

Recycled Carpet

Check the Subfloor for damage

After removing all of the carpet and padding, the final step in preparing your room for new flooring is to inspect your subfloor. It’s crucial to check for any damage. Importantly, if you are putting new product down in carpet tile or regular unused carpet, you must make sure it is acceptable for the new carpet.

Take the few hours of necessary time to conduct a thorough examination and evaluation of your subfloor before proceeding with the carpets installation.

This becomes particularly significant if there have been any leaks in your home that have affected the location of the carpeting. You may discover mold or mildew that requires treatment before the installation of new carpeting. If you notice any signs of mold, it may be necessary to replace the affected area of subfloor.

After removing the wooden subfloor, you can inspect the area beneath it for further indications of mildew. Clean the area with mold and mildew cleaner. If you notice that the affected area is extensive, you may need to seek assistance from a professional mold remediation company to manage and restore the affected area.

Take a quick glance for pet stains or other garbage stains.

The older carpet gets the more likely there was accidents in the past. Take advantage of this time and check to see if there are any smelly pet odors or crystallized urine on the fibers, wood and materials. There are many fibers and a lots of complex fibers in carpet, so pet odors really tend to stay.

If you do happen to find a spot, don’t freak out! Just run to the store and drop by get some odor remover. This one is great

Carpet Recycling tips

A majority of landfills and recycling facilities will take used carpet. Additionally, most facilities in the carpet industry will take a carpet pad, carpet tile, and will try their best to recycle them. Different unused carpet may have a variety of fabrics and most carpets have cut, looped, or cut and loop types. Interestingly, most recycled carpets come from synthetic fibers.

There are many ways to conduct carpet recycling. Step 1 is to find how to dispose and what places accept carpet. This can vary from business and facility. Here are some common questions we get asked.

Can carpet be recycled as a donation?

Unfortunately, donation facilities do not accept carpet. If it is unused carpet or leftover from a job you might have a chance.

Can old carpet be recycled with padding as well?

The simple answer is yes. Usually, companies will take both padding along with old carpet. However, it is best to check to see if the drop off site will take them. Here is a contact page of all the recycling facilities in your area.

If Carpet is recycled can it be turned into new products?

Recycled carpets thankfully can be turned into many new products. Companies can use carpet to make automotive, construction materials, and even home and garden materials. If you happen to be a DIYer, then it may make sense to check the carpet America recovery effort list of site(s) that will take carpet materials for reuse.

Instructions for carpet removalRent a Dumpster for Carpet Disposal in KC

If you are located in Kansas City, then a great option for carpet recycling would be to rent a dumpster. This is a favorite by many for the convince as dumpsters will haul your carpet to a local landfills in Kansas City.

Many local trash companies will not take the old carpet to a landfill. So it is essential for your project to find what locations you can take the carpet or if you need to rent a dumpster. Thankfully Crown Dumpster will take drop off a dumpster and take the carpet to a local landfills or locations that will process carpet recycling. Not sure what is a allowed in dumpster? Check out this article! 

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Dispose of Carpet

Is there free Carpet Disposal near me?

Often you cannot dispose of carpet for free. Here is a location finder for facilities that will recycle your used carpet.

Best way to cut carpet for garbage?

  1. Cut the materials from the back side. This is easier and will keep the blade sharp, but be careful not to break the blade.
  2. Do not cut into the baseboard or the subfloors. But most importantly, your hands.
  3. Finally, find a site that will accept carpet or even that will recycle it.

Can you put Carpet carpet in the recycling bin?

No, you cannot put into a recycling bin. So either you must find a facility that will take carpet or rent dumpster. Renting a dumpster may say you hours and will have a convenient location for you!

Why is carpet hard to recycle?

Recycling carpet is difficult because it is full of complex fibers that come from multiple compounds. Finding the right locations and facilities are crucial to recycle carpet correctly. Before you go make sure they do accept carpet and what their hours are as well. This can vary and they may have limited amounts of carpet that can be thrown away. To avoid being subject to extra fines make sure the load is under the correct weight limit. To avoid being over, don’t let the carpet get wet.

The carpet removal process can be difficult. We hope from this article we you have learned a couple tips to be environmentally friendly and possibly recycle your carpet. If you need help we are always available for a phone call or a dumpster rental. 


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