Bonner Springs Dumpster rental


Bonner Springs Dumpster rental

Bonner Springs Dumpster Rental

Crown Dumpster is locally owned and one of the best dumpster rental services in Kansas City MO.

Crown dumpster offers both 20yd and 40yrd roll off dumpster rentals at an affordable price making with fast delivery service.

We also provide fast delivery to Bonner Springs, ensuring that you can get your dumpster as quickly as possible and start your project.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and cheap dumpster rental service in Bonner Springs look no further than Crown Dumpster.


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Dumpster Rental in Bonner Springs Price.



How much does a 40yd dumpster cost in Bonner Springs?

A 40yrd dumpster rental will cost $525 a week.

This is Approximately 8′ tall X 8′ wide X 22′ long.

40-yard dumpsters:

Recommended for major construction work such as full demolition, new construction, large house renovations, or full house clean-out.

This includes, delivery and dumping fees, crown dumpster will deliver to you as soon as possible.

Don’t know what size dumpster you need to  get? Call us for expert dumpster sizing.


What does a small dumpster rental cost [20yd] in Bonner Springs?

A 20yd dumpster will cost $425 a week

This is Approximately 4′ tall X 8′ wide X 22′ long

20-yard dumpsters:

Recommended for many standard renovation projects, such as a large kitchen, full basement clean-out or carpeting from an entire house.

20 yard containers also work well for concrete driveway removal or heavy debris such as asphalt or bricks.



Frequently asked questions about Crown dumpster.

Dumpster rental Bonner Springs

How do I tell what size dumpster I need for a job?

There are a few key factors to consider when determining the dumpster size you need for your demolition job.

These include the type and amount of debris you’ll be tossing, the scope and size of your project, and the location of your demolition site.

One of the first things to consider when evaluating dumpster size is the type and amount of debris you’ll be getting rid of.


If you are dealing with heavy construction materials like concrete or bricks, you’ll likely need a larger dumpster to accommodate the extra weight.

On the other hand, if your project involves mostly light debris like drywall or wood, you may be able to get away with a smaller size.


How long do I get to the rented dumpster for?

You can rent the dumpster for as many weeks as you want.

From the day of delivery, you have one week to fill the dumpster before it is picked up.


How soon can I get a dumpster delivered in Bonner Springs?

Crown dumpster is located in Kansas City KS which is 28 minutes away from Bonner Springs.

So you could get your dumpster delivered within a couple hours or next day.


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